Marvellous Me! is a newly commissioned piece of innovative theatre in education targeting Key Stage 2.

Marvellous Me! is about mental health and well-being. With good mental health, children and young people do better in every way. They are happier in their families, are able to learn better, do better at school, and enjoy friendships and new experiences.

Marvellous Me! is an accessible and thought-provoking journey starting with how Victorians treated mental illness through to the current issue of body image and photographic manipulation. It explores how the brain works and tells the story of 12-year-old Joe and how he copes with his mental health issues – all using specially created fun characters such as Smarty Pants and Clever Clogs.

Research shows that one in ten young people aged between five and 16 suffer from a mental health disorder. Marvellous Me! aims to encourage a more open dialogue about some of these issues and hopes to tackle the stigma often associated with mental health.

Marvellous Me! combines CGI special effects, live theatre and music and tours to 20 Lincolnshire schools in March 2015 and has been created to make difficult subjects from eating disorders and depression, to stress and bullying more accessible for primary school-aged children.

Childhood and teenage years are when mental health is developed, and patterns are set for the future. A child with good mental health is much more likely to have good mental health as an adult, and to be able to embrace responsibilities and fulfil their potential.

Marvellous Me! has been funded by Enable East through their Big Lottery funded Well-being in the East portfolio and commissioned in Lincolnshire by Lincoln-based cultural solutions UK.”

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